The learning experience
Immerse Yourself in an African Experience:

The Learning Experience

Visiting Cape Town's Slave Lodge Museum and other local museums was a poignant experience that deeply influenced our design choices for the African Youth Livelihoods Virtual Museum.

The emotional weight of the history and struggles faced by African people, as depicted in the Slave Lodge Museum, resonated with us and reinforced the need to create a platform that amplifies the voices and experiences of African youth today. This influenced our decision to feature a podcast series titled “Hustling the African Dream,” which aims to challenge dominant narratives and perceptions of African youth by sharing their stories of resilience and ingenuity. Similarly, the rich cultural heritage and vibrant art scene in Cape Town inspired us to showcase the creativity of young African artists in our Virtual Art Gallery. Furthermore, our visit to the museums gave us a glimpse into the dynamic interplay between past and present, which informed our decision to include spaces like “Time and Change” and “Space and Place” that explore the historical narratives, rural and urban contexts, and movements between them that shape the livelihoods of African youth today. Our experiences in Cape Town were integral in shaping the design and content of our Virtual Museum, ensuring that it is a true reflection of the vibrant essence and realities of urban African life.

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