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The African Youth Livelihoods Virtual Museum

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Time and Change​

Time and Change explores how challenges from the past shape our present and influence potential futures. Historical narratives of African states have profound connections to the present and pressing issues, like climate change that cloud our collective futures. The intricate relationship between our past, present, and the possibilities that lie ahead are unpacked in Time and Change.​
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Space and Place​

Space and Place looks at rural landscapes, urban environments and the dynamic movements between them, as they relate to youth livelihoods in Africa. Rural and urban contexts, as well as the journeys of migration that traverse them are unpacked in this area of the museum. The challenges that arise within these diverse settings shape our lives and communities. ​
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Bodies delves into the intricate issues surrounding race, gender, disability, and language and how these relate to youth livelihoods in Africa. These aspects of identity intersect in complex ways in African contexts. ​
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Money Matters​

The Money Matters shipping container deals with the power of financial literacy, access to capital, and the difficulties of entrepreneurship. The intricate dynamics of money and its impact on livelihoods are explored in this space. ​